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Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Spencer Thomas on the publication of his remarkable and unique multi-disciplinary dystopia project, 'Leaves and Circles': fiction, animation, music, photography, manipulations. e-book now available on various platforms
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Mark Hollands on securing the Newman Agency as representatives for the 'Amplify' series.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Jared Dillian on the publication of his autobiographicaL grunge Wall St romp 'All the Evil of This World', out now on Amazon et al.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Keith Yocum on the publication of his US/Oz crime mystery 'Color of Blood', out now on Amazon et al.
Congratulations to Flood Manuscripts' client Mai Field on her new website for her middle grade series The Aureley Tetralogy http://maifield.net/index.html and the release of Book One 'Dragon Honey' on Kindle.


Verge of Darkness. Ollie Odebunmi(UK). Fantasy. Nov '15. Delayed.
Enemies in the Ranks. Solomon Smith(USA). Memoir. Mar '16 Delayed.
Under Eden. Mark Furness(NSW). Crime Thriller. Read&Comment. Mar '17.
The Lines That Splice Us. Samuel H Hunwick(WA). Speculative. Mar '17
Amira. Irene Archer(AU). Historical Fiction. Reassess. Mar '17
Star in a Jar. Michael Rice(UK). Faction Thriller. Assess. Mar '17
Foxtails. D. McLane(US). Assess. Futurist Thriller. Mar-April '17.
The Hole. Alexander Akhter(US). Speculative Allegory. Mar-April '17
Living Your Intuition. Eilad Aura(US). Spiritual Non-fiction. April '17
Freemaker Messiah. Ed Miracle(US).Speculative. April '17

Short or e-Assessment:
Waggy Tails from Subiaco. Helen & Koko Harry Potter(WA) Short Stories. Mar '17


Ms. Development/Edit:
Elsewhere. Paul Jackson(UK). Fantasy. MsDev. Jan '15-
House of Kids. Gabrielle McGuire(NSW). Fiction Collection. MsDev. May '15-
Eighth of the Eighth. Stuart Black(NSW). Crime Thriller. Oct '15- MsDev.
Keeper of the Cards. Sheila Ellison(USA). Fiction. Feb '16. Ms Dev-
Untitled. Rebecca Langham(NSW). Sci-fi. MsDev. Apr '16-
Keeper of the Cards. Sheila Ellison(USA). Fiction. Apr '16. Structural. Delayed
Last Day in Red Light. Cire(SEAsia). Literary. Proof&CopyEdit. Jul-Dec '16. Delayed.
Hermes and the Invisible World. Jacqueline Ripstein(USA). Fantasy. July '16. Delayed
Silver Talon Vol 1. Marc G Dennis(Sweden). Speculative. Copy Edit Ch11-16. Dec '16. Part delayed.
Duality and All God's Chillum. Simon Dyer(VIC). Creative Non-fiction. Proof & Copy Edit. Oct '16. Delayed.
Snow White. Suvarna Singh(India). Picture Book. Structural Edit. Mar '17.
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